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Lazuli's doodle blog so that she doesn't spam her main blog.

Mostly League of Legends with occasional non-League stuff. Lots of girly headcanons that involve cute siblings and sloppy doodles. Also probably lots of typos, errors, and DravenxSona.

Fave champs are: Annie, Jinx, Vi, Katarina, Draven, and Darius, so expect to see a lot of them

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Fri August 29th, 2014

[[School started again for me, so there will be a decrease in activity on this blog for the next nine months.

I feel bad for my friends, because when school starts, I’m pretty much a zombie; I’m grateful they have the patience to put up with it =w=;;]]

Fri August 29th, 2014

[[I love bright colors]]

Sat August 23rd, 2014

[[That concludes OTP day]]

Tue August 19th, 2014

[[I found a collection of scattered doodles in my OTP folder titled “In Which Draven is a Terrible Boyfriend”; I guess now is the time to post them]]

Tue August 19th, 2014

[[casual living and some srs shade]]

Tue August 19th, 2014

Hello, Tumblr

Today is my birthday.

No worries; no gifts or birthday wishes necessary.

But today, I have queued OTP art. That’s all I want for my birthday. To spam you with OTP art.

If you don’t like DravenxSona, now’s a super duper time to block my OTP tag

You have been warned

T hank bye.

Tue August 19th, 2014

"All we have to do is stay in this pillow fort for the next nine months, and we’ll be fine!" >lc

Sun August 17th, 2014

[[I was going to wait for his release, but eh- why not]]

Tue August 12th, 2014

[[I had to ok I watched this dang movie four times already]]

Thu August 7th, 2014
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