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Mostly League of Legends with occasional non-League stuff. Lots of girly headcanons that involve cute siblings and sloppy doodles. Also probably lots of typos, errors, and DravenxSona.

Fave champs are: Annie, Jinx, Vi, Katarina, Draven, and Darius, so expect to see a lot of them

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[[due to heavy workload from school]]

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[[A Du Couteau siblings Harrowing]]

Mon October 13th, 2014

[[Preview of my new print I’ll be selling in my online store! Currently available for preorder!

Let the month of Harrowing begin!

I’ll only be doing Harrowing prompts this month, so feel free to drop all the Harrowing ideas you want in my inbox♥]]

Sat October 4th, 2014

[[Zuli will just be a wandering, homeless yordle living on random rooftops of Zaun, obsessed with Darius and Noxuslyfe.

For convenience, though, I’ll still tag posts with her in it as “Summoner Zuli”]]

Sat September 27th, 2014

[[Hahaha, thank you, everyone, for informing me about the new Dunkmaster Darius skin. I think the skin and new VO’s are hilarious. …Summoner Zuli on the other hand-]]

"That…. That looks like Darius, but no… No, that can’t be him."

Thu September 25th, 2014

[[Is it too late to make 5naf AU’s?]]

Sat September 20th, 2014


Wed September 17th, 2014

[[And thus on that day, a friendship was destroyed, with a rivalry taking its place. 

Art may appear a bit “different” for the next week or so since my laptop broke and the Sai on my parents’ laptop won’t let me import my old settings or anything for that matter]]

Sun September 14th, 2014

[[Have some yordles I don’t draw as often while I figure out how rito’s lore dingdongs affect my blog

My condolences to any summoner blogs out there, but don’t worry! I’m sure we’ll figure something out!]] 

Sat September 6th, 2014

I was nominated by chocolate-espurrinkles and gloriousgladiator. Enjoy watching me get splashed with poopy ice water.

Don’t forget to donate! [[Donation Link]]

I nominate beposbutt, inuis, and arcticsirius

Fri August 29th, 2014

[[School started again for me, so there will be a decrease in activity on this blog for the next nine months.

I feel bad for my friends, because when school starts, I’m pretty much a zombie; I’m grateful they have the patience to put up with it =w=;;]]

Fri August 29th, 2014
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